AMFA Staff cosisted of different people who are professionals.

Jhale Hajiyeva

Executive Director

Jhale Hajiyeva is the Executive Director of Azerbaijan Micro-finance Association (AMFA), country level business association, dedicated to strengthen the capacity of micro-finance institutions and to promote effective collective action in advancing the interests of the micro-finance community and its clients. Ms. Jhale has worked in microfinance since 1999 and has microfinance experience from the microfinance programme of International Organization for Migration and UNDP. She is an author of the Benchmarking Report on Azerbaijan Microfinance trends for 2004. Mrs. Hajiyeva established a successful strategic partnership with government authorities and several international organizations including, USAID, BP's co-venturers, MIX, CIPE and ACDI/VOCA. She has been a Board Member of the MFC since May 2008 and effective May 2010 Ms. Hajiyeva is Chair of MFC Board of Directors. Since November 2009 Jhale has been on SEEP Network Board of Directors.

Vusala Garayeva

Projects Manager

Mrs. Vusala Garayeva currently is a Business Development Director in Azerbaijan Micro-finance Association (AMFA) and responsible to coordinate AMFA projects and services. She is also responsible for organization of AMFA major events like bi-ennual Conference, Study Tour and provision of coaching to junior programme staff in executing of small scale projects. Her nearly 10 years experience in international Development organizations is recognized as a great value to be explored further and allow her acquire news skills for further professional Development and improved services to the membership. Mrs. Garayeva holds master degree from Azerbaijan University of Languages.