Annual Award Dinner - 2018

20 APREL 2018

Baku, Azerbaijan

The first event Annual Award Dinner which has been launched to celebrate anniversary of establishment of AMFA on December 19th 2001, when the first Memorandum of Understanding was signed by 11 founding members of AMFA Working Group. Due to the fact that usually many members take annual vacation prior the Christmas and new Year holidays we decided to celebrate our anniversary the following month, last Friday of January, when everyone are back from vacation, which became almost a traditional date of informal gathering of the membership and also strategic partners, who happened to visit Baku during that time. In order to add more value to this event our Board advised to include Annual Award Program to recognize publicly success of the membership in different fields of performance, which was highly appreciated by entire membership and we followed up with it’s execution, which we improve from year to year to ensure membership satisfaction. 

The First Annual Award Dinner was held on 18th January of 2008 which was attended by more than 100 participants. Usually, we have Guest Speakers from top management of the Central Bank, Investor and service provider companies . AMFA Award Committee issues Awards and Diplomas recognizing best performance of members in various field of Microfinance. 

See previous event photos.

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