Our Expertise

Azerbaijan Micro-finance Association (AMFA) is well established not for profit association legally registered in November 2004 and currently its diverse membership unites 32 financial institutions that have enjoyed a rich tradition of engaging in lateral learning to advance the practice of micro and small enterprise development on a country scale.  AMFA Membership includes non-bank credit organizations, downscaling banks, credit unions and leasing companies. AMFA’s Mission is to strengthen the capacity of micro-finance institutions and to promote effective collective action in advancing the interests of the micro-finance community. AMFA’s Vision is to promote and lead the best practices & sustainability of our members, and to support our broad membership within the dynamic microfinance industry. In efforts to focus AMFA’s business strategy and operations, AMFA has developed 3 strategic pillars that are the foundation of its membership and its strategic plan for the next 3 years. These strategic pillars are also the basis of AMFA’s operating budget and day-to-day operations.

Innovative Products and Services

Develop leading edge, demand-driven products and services for our membership Focus on revenue generating products and services that promotes AMFA‘s sustainability

Continuing Education

Ensure members have access to international MF expertise.

Develop in house training using local talent

Continuously upgrade and enhance the skill set of our member base

Industry Expertise

Be recognized as the “industry experts” of the MFI by governments, MFIs, and the financial community

Offer leading edge market research and benchmarking studies that demonstrate AMFA’s expertise