Membership Package

AMFA Membership Package services 2021

Consolidation and preparation online of country wise micro-finance statistics on monthly basis

Preparation of the annual report on the microfinance sector

Lobbying and advocacy activities

Information dissemination on best  practices in MF, consulting, ratings, audit service  providers, training opportunities, scholarship opportunities, in country and regional events, visits of potential donors/investors to the country, grants opportunities 

Free participation in regional projects (In the “Digital Literacy Bootcamp” project implemented by the Microfinance Center since February of this year, English-speaking member organizations will get a certificate for participating in 56 webinars during the year and answering 80% of the test questions correctly. The project involves 315 employees from 58 microfinance institutions from 19 countries.) The topics of the project are various: research, agriculture, corporate governance, gender equality, strategic planning, etc.

Coordination with foreign investors (presentation of information on donors / investors intending to invest in the microfinance sector, organization of domestic meetings for new investors interested in the Azerbaijani microfinance market)

Credit Ratings (linking with internationally recognized credit rating agencies)

Discounted rate for participation in a large-scale conferences and Investors' Fair on biennial basis;

Participation in training programs for trainers conducted by an international expert, exchange tours and seminars on new innovative products (micro-leasing, micro-insurance, mobile banking) and other topics (credit bureau, corporate governance, strategic planning, etc.)

Sharing information about international initiatives and awards competitions by, offering advisory support to facilitate participation (Corporate Social Responsibility, Financial Transparency, Customer Protection, etc.)

Providing suggestions and recommendations towards Agenda of the Biennial Microfinance Conferences, Investors’ Fair and award categories of the Annual Award Program

Participation in AMFA Annual Award Program

Being informed on a quarterly basis on summer schools and discounted rates for trainings and seminars on microfinance services conducted by international business schools

Opportunities for free or subsidized participation in all trainings under AMFA projects (funded by investors or development banks)

Speaking opportunity at AMFA industry events (conference, Investors’ Fair etc.)

Publishing of articles in AMFA monthly Newsletters (in Azerbaijani and English languages)

Preparation of reports, including assessment of social activity (SPI4 CERISE Instrument) at discounted rate and recommendations,

Assessment of customers according to the principles of international protection (Smart Campaign tool) at discounted rate,

Training at discounted rate for staff on the international principles of customer protection (on the tool Smart Campaign),; Conducting trainings on Financial Literacy at discounted rate for the staff and clients in microfinance industry

Development of the training program (with international and local specialists) at discounted rate in accordance with the individual technical training needs of various types of member organizations

Conducting trainings at discounted rate for microfinance clients “Start and improve your business” (on ILO module)