About FSIC

Finance and Social Innovation Consulting (FSIC) was established by Azerbaijan Micro-finance Association (AMFA)  in 2015 for development and delivering specialized trainings, workshops, forums, conferences, research studies and consulting services addressing cutting edge initiatives for various stakeholders needs via commercial and social projects.

Till date under its strategic pillar of Continuing Education the project team of FSIC & AMFA team conducted numerous trainings , seminars, conferences and study tours in country and abroad covering development, discussions and sharing lessons learnt on various aspects of financial education modules and business management,  mentoring  of Financial Educators, networking with Financial Educators in Central Asia countries as well as in Central and Eastern Europe via various regional and international project activities. Another successful dimension of FSIC’s expertise is consulting services, particularly in the field of improving management systems and practices, focus being on development of customer services, redesigning products, improving social image of financial institutions and so on.

Based on its strategic pillar of Innovative Products and Services FSIC & AMFA team  have been specialized in conducting different type of trainings & smart assessments including and not limited to financial education, social performance indicators, social performance management assessment, social performance audit, client protection principles assessment and other customized trainings targeting both staff of FIs as well as their borrowers.

Women’s empowerment is another successful ingredient of FSIC and AMFA’s track records that have been realized through the number of cutting edge initiatives in the country during the last  decade that resulted in increase of the number of women entrepreneurs accessing microfinance  from 4% to 27%, number of women’s personnel in financial institutions by 15%, number of women at the management board by 5%, 12 institutions have introduced special section into their strategy policies and manuals aiming at promotion of gender equality  in the organization, 5 institutions have introduced new financial products aiming to attract women in business.

Our specialists/consultants are specialized in different areas – executive management of financial institutions, social audit and assessments, sustainable development management,  market research, product development, HR management, training development and provision, regulatory compliance, etc. and provide high-quality services to government agencies, international and local financial institutions.