Do you need more intensive risk analysis to increase your agro credit portfolio?

Would you like to deepen the knowledge of your loan officers in the field of agriculture?

Even you can contribute the skills of your farm customers?

You can find the right answers to all these questions  in the CLARA tool!

CLARA – Developed by the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and a Cash-flow Linked Agriculture Risk Assessment tool.

CLARA – reduces the time spent on the assessment of agricultural loans and improves the quality of the assessment.

 CLARA is an online application for banks, microfinance institutions, consumer suppliers, traders, wholesalers, processors and other agricultural value chain participants who provide loans to farmers. CLARA simplifies, enhances, and accelerates agricultural credit risk assessment by providing the user with a range of options such as agricultural liquidity forecasting, benchmarking, flexible assumptions, and a set of tools for financial analysis.


According to CLARA, it helps you to get the following easily:

Monthly liquidity forecast - is an agronomic-based modeling of farm operations, which collects minimal information from the farmer, the rest of which is obtained from a database of planting plans, equipment productivity and fuel consumption, market prices of products to be used, fruits and livestock. The product of this module is a detailed cash flow statement.

Flexible Assumptions - once a base liquidity forecast for a farm has been established, a CLARA user can change almost every aspect of the forecast and obtain a very accurate cash flow forecast.

Benchmarking - it is now possible to compare farms in a CLARA database.

Analytical tools - the results obtained from all of the above functions can be reflected in tables and graphs that highlight the most important areas that require attention. Data can be saved in Excel.


Profitable agricultural lending:

  • High-quality risk assessment reduces the level of non-performing loans
  • Automation and standardization cause to reduce operating costs
  • Coverage of different sub-sectors allows access to new markets and diversification of the existing portfolio

Benefits for the credit process::

  • Increased productivity during all stages of loan application: front office, risk specialists, credit committee and monitoring
  • Improving knowledge of the agricultural sector in the team
  • Simplified staff training due to standardization of agro-credit evaluation processes

Benefits for the agricultural portfolio:

  • Opportunity to grow agro portfolio by controlling risks
  • A better understanding of agro-risks allows for redistribution of risks and improvement of the existing portfolio
  • Continuous positive impact on the profitability of the financial institution

To get acquainted with the CLARA program, we can organize a presentation in your office or open a one-week trial user account for you.

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